We make apps successful by providing more than just programming. We leverage years of experience to help improve your app idea, effectively acting as a CTO. Let's partner and transform your idea into reality today.
Mobile apps and hardware don’t exist in a vacuum. Pixio uses Google Ventures’ design sprints to help you build the right product. We also use the Lean Startup Methodology to help you make sure that your app or app-enabled hardware fully realizes its potential.
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"Pixio helped MEP Technologies reach an $8M valuation."

How Pixio Works


Pixio uses the Google Ventures’ design sprint process. We identify all of the key stakeholders and include them in the entire process as much as possible.

We lean on the Business Model Canvas. Every person involved in creating your product, from the designer to the engineer, has your entire vision of the product. Good ideas come from the most unexpected places.


We balance speed and quality. Our process is designed for the unexpected. By leaving room for the unplanned, our talented and passionate engineers have room to leave you pleasantly surprised.

You are in the driver’s seat. You are always free to make changes or alter the direction of the app at any point in the development process due to our agile workflow.


We embrace data driven design and testing. We build our apps with a variety of analytics tools, providing you with real-time usage statistics. Know where your users are coming from, how they use your product, and how to retain them. Build market share through smart decisions based on live data.


Pixio has worked on some amazing projects. Is your project next?

Radiate Media Editionals


Modern news and editorial content beautifully presented on iPad.

Atlas Medical LabWorks Mobile

LabWorks Mobile

Improving clinical results by providing doctors with access to the information they need at the point of diagnosis

Alpine Home Medical DME Logistics

DME Logistics

Helping transportation organizations achieve high performance through real-time logistics data.

Purity LLC Pando


Keeping your photos secure.

Purity LLC dipityPix


Sometimes startups get by with a little help from their friends

Right on Cue Systems Fill|Harmonic Show|Ready and Stage|Tracks

Fill|Harmonic, Show|Ready, and Stage|Tracks

Officially licensed Broadway show music on the iPad or iPhone, adapted specifically for your performers.

World-Class Mobile Experts

The Pixio Story

  • 2007

    Pre-App Store

    Since 2007, Pixio has been developing mobile software for Android and iPhone. Pixio produced the first Tetris clone and the first productivity app for iOS. In 2007, one in four iPhones ran Pixio apps.

  • 2008

    Pixio launched one of the top ten productivity applications for iOS.

  • 2010


    In 2010, the University of Utah hired Pixio’s founders to teach application development and design. Since then, Pixio has helped train over 500 new mobile programmers for the Utah market. These programmers became the backbone of Pixio's expanding app development group.

  • Present

    Pixio’s seventeen employees have developed 50+ applications for clients across the western United States and Asia. Pixio has strong connections to venture capital groups in the US and Asia. With offices in Salt Lake City and Gangnam, Seoul, we are equipped to handle all of your needs on either side of the Pacific.

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